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who()in thE pArk?A.Am B.is C.ArE

who()in the park?a。am b。is c。are b IS

am B. is C. are ( ) 18. A. His B. ...I often have lunch in a restaurant near my ...Who is 49 boy in the middle (在中间)? Ah! ...

A work B works C does works 17.Sally ___ in an office in central...Everyone has their own dreams, I am the same. But my dream is not a ...

C 本题的主语是the man and the woman,是复数,故be用are,故选C。

1 B THERE BE 结构是就近原则,因为A MAN 是单数,故用IS 2 c 根据答语‘ 有3 幅’ 可知

正确答案是 B. 其实很简单的楼主.. 你看哈, 我理解给你听, 问题问的是.. who is... 所以回答的时候必须要有 is. 举例: 问:who will going to the party.? 回答:she will !. 能理解么?

你好,正确答案应该是:B There be 句型用 就近原则 靠近 be 动词的是a pencil ,是单数 应该用 is 如果换个位置,应该用 are There are some pens and a pencil in the pencil case .


A 因为I用am, he she it用is, they we you用are

A. visit B. am going to visit C. visited D. visiting( )29. Eliza won...movie theaters are good, but the Screen City is ___ in our town. A...


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